1. Ownership of Photographic Images, Artwork, Design, Video Footage and all copyright belongs to Cinemack Media Ltd until any work carried out by Cinemack Media Ltd is approved and paid for in full, whereby all ownership & copyrights are transferred to the customer. Please note there are exceptions where copyright is not transferred to the customer. For further clarification clients should discuss the desired project with Cinemack Media Ltd before commencement of work.

2. After the initial web hosting period, annual payments for hosting are due at the start of each hosting year. Cinemack Media Ltd does not guarantee ranking positions or continued ranking positions. We do not accept responsibility for loss of data due to user misuse, site hacking or unforeseen circumstances. However, we do back up all our sites data on a regular basis.

3. We advise you to use a delivery service requiring "signature on delivery" when sending us your source media. We always take exceptional care with your tapes and films. In the unlikely event of us causing damage to or loss of any of your material, we will compensate you up to the purchase value of the original media. Please Note: This does not apply to tapes that have arrived in a damaged or unusable state or tapes that are damaged during playback due to defects or general age.

4. DVD+R discs play in most DVD players (or DVD-ROM drive in PCs). However you should be aware that recordable discs working in your DVD player may or may not work in other players. We are happy to send you a demo DVD to allow you to test your DVD player for compatibility. Also note that your computer will need a software DVD player installed. If you experience a problem with your order you must contact us within 7 days, describing the problem. We can not however be held responsible for damaged / mishandled discs or incompatible players. It is the customer's responsibility to protect the supplied DVD(s) from scratches or other damages.

5. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT and it is your responsibility to ensure, that the source media supplied shall not contain material classed as 'Prohibited Content' and must comply with current laws of shipping audio/visual material. Generally, Prohibited Content includes (without limitation) any of the following types of content:

a. Content we believe is abusive, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.
b. Copyrighted material that is used without the express permission of the owner.
c. Content that violates or encroaches on the rights of others.
d. Content or other material that contains viruses, worms, corrupt files and other forms of corruptive code or any other content, which may compromise our service.
e. Content that advocates illegal activity.

Cinemack Media Ltd reserves the right to pass any infringements of this Prohibited Content that we may receive to the relevant authorities if it is deemed necessary.

6. We assume that you have full copyright clearance to instruct us to copy any materials on your behalf. We do however, reserve the right to decline offering you our services if we believe copyright clearance has not been obtained or the material is in violation of any laws or could expose us to any private or public litigation. Unless otherwise agreed, full payment for any of our services is required upon completion of the order. Any liability for the damage or loss of materials which occurs during our transfer processes will be limited to the replacement of the blank media, howsoever caused. We do not accept any liability for the contents within the recording(s). Following any transfer, we will store converted content for 28 days before deleting from our system. Therefore, after 28 days, additional copies will be charged at the full conversion rate.

7. All prices and quotes are in UK Pounds (GBP). We accept payment by Cash, UK Cheque, Postal Order, Paypal or BACS Bank Transfer. Cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to: Cinemack Media Ltd
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